06 May 2008

Life For Life's Sake

Why do we insist up on life? Why do people imprint some sense of "good" onto life? Why is life -- all of the biological reactions -- so special?

I ask these questions because such attitudes have an extremely negative effect: they do not allow dignity at the end of life, nor do they promote logical medical decisions. Instead, we use all of our "amazing technology" to prolong the functions of life way past the point where they would have naturally ceased. We don't think of the person, only of the "tumor" or the "infection"; dignity never enters the equation. Efficiency never enters the picture, either; of course, that allows doctors to make more money, so they don't argue any of these points.

This is completely and utterly wrong. It is a serious strike against us, both as a society and as human beings.

"Life for life's sake" is an evil idea.